Sedation Dentistry in Toronto

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Surgery and Sedation

Arch Dental Centres has a periodontist and an oral surgeon available when patients require surgical procedures. One of the most common surgeries is removal of wisdom teeth. Typically, wisdom teeth are removed due to discomfort, decay or for preventative reasons. At Arch Dental Centres Toronto, wisdom teeth and general extractions can either be performed under a local anaesthetic or a general anaesthetic. A local anaesthetic will be applied to the area prior to the tooth removal. If several or all of your wisdom teeth are being removed at the same time, a general anaesthetic may be used instead. Other surgeries include placing implants and bone grafts (regenerating bone to preserve it for implant or aesthetic purposes). Schedule an appointment with Arch Dental Centres for a consultation and to discuss sedation options if you require any surgical procedure.

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We have 2 locations across Toronto to best serve our patients across the city. 

Arch King West Dental

  • 1010 King Street W.
  • Toronto, ON M6K 3N2

Arch Liberty Village Dental

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  • Toronto, ON M6K 3P8
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