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How Long Can You Leave a Cavity Untreated?

A man applying pressure to his jaw; he is experiencing jaw pain possibly caused by an untreated cavity.

Cavities, also known as tooth decay, are a common but concerning dental issue. Many cavities are treatable with help from your dentist, but they can become a bigger issue without their help. With the damage cavities can do, many patients wonder how long they can go untreated.  There is no specific timeline for how long […]

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How Long Do Dentures Last?

A close-up of a dentist's hands holding detnures

Dentures are a popular treatment option for those who have lost all or some of their teeth. They can help restore oral function and enhance your smile, but they’re not a permanent solution. How long your dentures last can depend on the type of denture, your oral hygiene habits, and how often you visit your […]

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What to Eat After a Root Canal

a dentist demonstrating a root canal on a model of a tooth

Root canal procedures are necessary when the tooth pulp becomes infected or inflamed, causing intense pain and sensitivity. During a root canal, the dentist removes the infected pulp and fills the tooth with material to strengthen and save it.  After the procedure, taking proper post-operative care is important, including paying close attention to your diet. […]

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Quiz: Do I Need My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

A close-up of a male holding his chin in pain due to an impacted wisdom tooth

Wisdom teeth removal is a routine oral surgery. Most procedures are preventative to avoid problems as the teeth move and break through the gums. As wisdom teeth grow, they rarely emerge straight and upright, and removing them early prevents gum issues, impacted teeth, jaw problems, and tooth decay. At your regular cleaning, your dentist will […]

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What to Expect During a Dental Check Up Exam

Proper oral hygiene can protect your mouth and teeth from disease and damaging bacteria. This means more than brushing and flossing; you need to see your dentist regularly to offer your teeth the care they deserve.  You can protect your teeth with regular dental check-up exams, a vital component of your oral health. What should you expect during […]

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When Should a Child Have Their First Dental Visit?

Visiting your dentist regularly and maintaining a consistent check-up schedule is essential for your oral health and overall health. Practicing good oral health habits is crucial from a young age. Building habits early can help keep that consistency well into adulthood. Let’s look at when your children should go in for their first dental visit and some of the […]

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