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Partial Denture or Bridge: Which Is Best for You?

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Partial denture or bridge: which is best for you?

Here at Arch Dental, we offer both denture and bridge options for patients in need of them. However, a common question we receive is how to know which is better for certain dental needs or concerns.

In today’s blog, we outline how to know when to opt for a partial denture or bridge… and which one your dentist will likely advise you to select.

Partial Denture or Bridge: the Definitions

Both partial dentures and bridges are used to replace missing or extracted teeth and bridge the gaps left behind by them.

Dental bridges are artificial teeth that are permanently attached within your mouth; they are secured as such by being bonded or cemented to healthy teeth on either side of the gap left behind by missing or extracted teeth. If there are no nearby healthy teeth available, then a bridge may be attached to dental implants. As a standard, they are made from gold, metal alloys, or porcelain. 

On the other hand, unlike bridges, partial dentures are a convenient and removable option for replacing teeth. Partial dentures typically include artificial gums made from pink acrylic into which false teeth are mounted, both of which can be removed nightly for cleaning. A partial denture is attached in your mouth using clasps or precision attachments that clip onto your natural teeth for a seamless bite.

The Functional Differences Between a Partial Denture and a Bridge

The functional differences between a partial denture and a bridge are what they say on the tin: a partial denture permits for a convenient yet removable solution, whereas bridges are better suited for those who desire a permanent solution to missing teeth.

Which one you are better suited for depends on how many teeth you are missing in a row: in cases where there is one or two missing teeth in a row and the remaining teeth are in good health, a dental bridge will be recommended to you due to its security and ability to reliably attach to those remaining teeth. For dental situations in which a dental bridge cannot be supported, a partial denture will likely be recommended in order to safely and reliably restore your smile.

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